Which Do You Like Best?


Welsh Corgi

Border Collie


Jug/Mini Pin



Fox Terrier



Martha. Age 6. Enjoys school.

It is hard to take pictures of the Amish without them knowing it, but today I figured out something that makes it easier. I have a Canon 60d with the rotating LCD, so I hung my camera around my neck and shot from the hip with the LCD screen tilted up and that way I can take pictures a lot less obviously.  (Brilliant, I know 😉 … It takes me awhile to figure some stuff out…)  I think she did notice the camera being pointed at her, because she stepped to the side just as I took the picture.

A First Attempt

Lately I was noticing a lot of pictures that were taken ‘ttv’ or ‘through the viewfinder’. On the surface, it didn’t make much sense to me, so today I finally did a little study on what it really is. I happened to have an old Kodak Duaflex II that came from my grandma, so I rigged up a funny-looking tube to keep stray light out and managed to take a few half-decent pictures. The Duaflex has a big scratch on the lens that I can work around but it makes it a little harder. I want to make a better set up to be able to create so more interesting photos with this technique.