The Sidewalks Of New York

Street photography is something that really interests me. I haven’t had the chance to just walk the streets with my camera, but here are some I took in and around  NYC with my cellphone and edited with Instagram

The Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower at night

A unique building

The Newport Path Station

The escalators at the WTC

One-legged people

meeting under the tree

Subway station

Prospect Ave.

149th St. subway station

Basketball at the park



Martha. Age 6. Enjoys school.

It is hard to take pictures of the Amish without them knowing it, but today I figured out something that makes it easier. I have a Canon 60d with the rotating LCD, so I hung my camera around my neck and shot from the hip with the LCD screen tilted up and that way I can take pictures a lot less obviously.  (Brilliant, I know 😉 … It takes me awhile to figure some stuff out…)  I think she did notice the camera being pointed at her, because she stepped to the side just as I took the picture.